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Going through Hong Kong, China? Relax. ACE gate greeters provide personal attention to make your airport travel experience a pleasurable journey.

When departing from Hong Kong Airport (HKG) in Hong Kong, China, Airport Concierge Experts gate greeters will help you breeze through check-in and security and then escort you into the terminal.

For arrivals, your airport concierge will greet you at the gate. For connections, our gate greeters are with you throughout the airport.

Experience the peace, quiet and opulence of Hong Kong International Airport airline lounges when you hire ACE gate greeters. Be a VIP while you wait for your Hong Kong flight to board in China.

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We serve and more than 100 airports around the world and more than 60 USA airports.

ACE treats you like a VIP

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Expedited security

Your personalized Hong Kong Airport gate greeter at will handle your check-in needs before you arrive. Forget the lines and the close proximity with other passengers.

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Your Hong Kong Airport gate greeter will collect your luggage at baggage claim while you wait in your limo. No more carousel congestion.